Lumbar Support Belt by Harley Street Solutions


Lumbar spine support belt, Providing maximum support and securing the lower back for all lifestyle and sporting activities.

Combining practitioner led design with the latest hypoallergenic airflow textile technology - does not irritate skin or surface nerves - delivering more effective support and a superior less sweaty alternative to Neoprene products.

  • PLASTIC stays are positioned to deliver maximum support at the lumbar base of the spine

  • Safe for all sporting and lifestyle activities

  • Prevents painful over-twisting in teh lower spine

  • Stabilises the pelvis


✔ As back pain prevention when the back is placed under unaccustomed strain i.e. repetitive bending, heavy lifting, sitting for long periods

✔ At the onset of lower back pain

✔ Herniated disc

✔ Arthritis in the lower spine

✔ Lumbago

✔ Sciatica

Fits under or over clothing

Registered with the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Class 1 Medical Device, CE Compliant.

    • Wraparound front closure belt with VELCRO® Brand fastener
    • Side pulls provide further tension adjustment and fix using VELCRO® Brand fastener closures
    • Lightweight and discreet 
    • Easy machine washable/fast-dry - no need to remove plastic stays
    • Polyester
    • Quality British made

      This product is safe for sporting activities

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