Adult Arm Sling Xtra Deep with Anti Neckache Feature by Harley Street Solutions


Avoids neck pain and associated risks, with extra deep pocket for greater support at the shoulder. Unisex.

FEEL-SAFE airflow comfort and support. ONE SIZE (12yrs to large adult).

Combining practitioner led design with the latest hypoallergenic airflow textile technology - does not irritate skin or surface nerves - delivering more effective support and a superior less sweaty alternative to Neoprene products.

Case study data:

Our NHS Ethics committee approved hospital study found that wearing a conventional sling causes significant neck pain after only four days of use. Arm weight, when placed in a regular sling, particularly with the addition of an arm or hand cast, is concentrated on neck muscles and pressure placed on brachial plexus nerves running down the side of the neck.

This can lead to additional treatment being needed to release muscle spasm and in extreme cases, nerve damage can cause loss of feeling to fingers.

Those risks can be avoided completely, pain eliminated, and healing made considerably more comfortable with the addition of our simple arm sleeve. The neck strap is held away from vulnerable areas and weight distributed evenly across the shoulders.


✔ For all conditions where the arm needs to be supported
✔ Reduces weight of a heavy cast from sensitive neck areas following hand surgery
✔ Relieves arthritic neck/shoulder pain and crucially avoiding the risks associated with taking Warfarin when wearing a sling
✔ Broken collarbone - prevents rotation at the fracture site
✔ Assists healing and provides pain relief 

Can be fitted single handed and unaided.

  • Reversible LEFT or RIGHT arm
  • Soft padded neck strap offers easy arm height adjustment
  • A fleecy thumb loop secures the arm in good alignment
  • VELCRO® Brand fastener at cuff opens either side for hand-free convenience
  • ONE SIZE ARMBAND: Made from light airflow NON SWEAT easy-wear fabrics

    Registered with the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Class 1 Medical Device, CE Compliant. Quality made in Britain.

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