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When is a pain in the leg not a pain in the leg?

27th April 2017

Several orthopaedic conditions can cause pain in one part of the body when in fact the source of the pain is another. A common example is a bulging disc in the lower back which may cause no pain in the back itself but can cause intense leg pain if the disc bulge presses on the one of the nerves travelling from the lower back to the leg. Other examples include headaches due to knots (Trigger Points) in the neck and shoulder muscles causing "referred pain to the jaw, eye or scalp". Confused? Well, there's not need to be, we are used to unravelling the causes of back pain, sciatica, sports injuries and all other musculoskeletal problems at our clinics throughout London.


Phantom Tooth Pain

24th May 2017

This great illustration from Neil Asher Healthcare illustrates how pain in the upper teeth can in fact be coming from Trigger Points (muscles knots) in the temporals muscle at the side of the head. This muscle works when biting, so if you find you experience tooth pain when eating but your dentist can't find any problem with your teeth, the pain could well be coming from this muscle. If so, the best treatment would be dry needling and trigger point therapy such as that offered at our clinics.


Complications Rates from Spinal Surgery Previously Underestimated

13th July 2017

Traditionally most forms of back surgery have a low complication rate (around 5%) but this statistic often relies on the surgeons own reporting of outcomes. According to a recent article by the Times, the TRUE complication rate is nearer 25%. This reinforces the case for surgery only being used as last resort once patients have exhausted all other forms of treatment. Many people with DISC BULGES and TRAPPED NERVES are still resorting to undergoing surgery when treatments such as IDD THERAPY, OSTEOPATHY & MEDICAL ACUPUNCTURE (as offered at our clinic) should arguably be tried first.