Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you called Harley Street Solutions?

We have our flagship office / clinic is located in Harley Street, London, which is synonymous with excellence in the world of orthopaedics and medicine in general. It is from here, by observing the problems faced by our patients over many years, that we have designed our range of braces and supports to help with several common orthopaedic problems, such as tennis elbow, acute back pain, tenosynovitis, wrist pain and shoulder injuries.

How long have you been involved with orthopaedics?

We have over 20 years experience treating clients with muscle and joint problems.

How long have you been selling orthopaedic products?

We’ve been selling other people’s orthopaedic supports for at least 10 years but started designing and developing our own range in 2017.

How are your products different to other orthopaedic products?

Our supports and braces were developed by our team of clinicians (physiotherapists, osteopaths and doctors) who, by working directly with patients, have been able to see first-hand the benefits and limitations offered by (other) existing orthopaedic supports and braces on the market.

 We have been through several stages of design and development in order to produce what we believe are some of the best orthopaedic products available. The shape, design and functionality of our products have been developed to the highest standards. Furthermore, we use unique breathable, non-sweat, patented fabrics and materials for added comfort and durability.

Are your products made in Harley Street?

No, but they are manufactured our UK based factory.

How long does will it take to receive my device(s)?

Please allow around 48 hours, three to four days at most.

What is your returns policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with the high quality of our products please return the goods within 7 days of receipt.

We would ask you to do the following,

  • Telephone the factor customer services team in Grantham on 0845 409 7679 or international 00(44)1476 585112 and inform us that you wish to return the goods.
  • In the event of dissatisfaction, damaged or faulty goods we shall arrange for collection from you at no cost.

 In all other circumstances you shall be responsible for return postage/courier charges. 

We cannot be held responsible for non-delivery of returned goods. To avoid dispute we recommend a proof of posting from your Post Office or Courier.

Do you offer a fitting service?

Yes, if you would like to visit our Harley Street office / clinic for a bespoke fitting of any of our products please get in touch. We are also an authorised fitter for “ClaviBrace”.