Design and Production

What’s so unique about our BRAND 'Harley Street Solutions' supports and bracing products, and how can you as the consumer be sure they are of the best design and quality?

Today more than ever consumers can choose from a vast array of products. When it comes to orthopaedic supports however, design is difficult to judge without expert knowledge.

With eight clinics in and around London and a practice on Harley Street we work day-in, day-out treating patients with an array of ailments and injuries, from tension headaches to complex musculoskeletal disorders.

Our patients often ask us to recommend braces and supports to help ease their symptoms. Over the years we have tested many but were never totally satisfied with the choice on offer.

It was only when we discovered Angel Med - an orthopaedics manufacturer based in Grantham, Lincolnshire - that we became inspired to produce our own range.

Combining their exclusive, hypoallergic, genuinely breathable thermoregulatory fabrics - with the ability to provide a better healing enviroment - and our practitioner knowledge, made perfect sense.

More about the fabrics

  • Non-irritant
  • Superior non toxic alternative to Neoprene/Latex
  • Does not not interfere with skin nerves flow - our stimulus for healing
  • Reduces over-heating and inflammation
  • Clinically tested
  • Durability tested

British made appeal, attention to detail and clinical expertise, means that we can feel proud to offer you a truly next generation range of products.